Thursday, February 16, 2017

It Came From Under The Sofa

Henry, there is nothing...

It Came From Under The Sofa
Henry: (whimper)

... living...

It Came From Under The Sofa
Doubting Henry

... under the sofa.

Dog Blog Post #2367

I keep telling Henry there's nothing living under the sofa, but for some reason he doesn't believe me.

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - Feb 15, 2017 - "Six Word Story"

Daily Dog Challenge 1934. "Just A Glimpse"

117 Pictures in 2017 - #116. "Just A Glimpse"

Played around with the second flash for the top two shots.

If you're curious, click on the image to pop over to Flickr (where all my images are hosted) to read a brief description.

It Came From Under The Sofa
Zachary: "It's OK Mom,  I'll explain to him once again that..."

It Came From Under The Sofa
Zachary (thinking): "Henry?"

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