Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Tailor Made

How's it going?

Tailor Made
Henry: "Great!"

Dog Blog Post #2359

The resident tailors hard at work on their latest creation.

Photography Assignment

100x - 13: Tailors

Our Daily Challenge - Feb 7, 2017 - "Repetition"

Daily Dog Challenge 1925. "Patterns"

Good grief, I should have just hung it around somebody's neck. The pattern/repetition gets lost in the camera angle. :(

This will be prop #6 for the year, unless something else sneaks in before I finish. (Prop #5 is already completed, but has yet to make its debut.)

The cream fleece will be a collar.

Between taking the picture and typing this text, I've cut it to length, hemmed the ends, and tacked it into place.

The plaid fabric is a double layer of flannel wired ribbon (with the wire pulled out) bought on heavy discount after Christmas. The width was too perfect to pass up, and the edges were already neatly hemmed to enclose the wire.

The buttons (not yet attached) were lucky finds in my beads-n-baubles box.

This is the first time I've tried adding a collar to their collars. I'll let you know how it turns out!

Keep in mind, my sewing skills are pretty basic, at best.

Tailor Made
... and then Henry realizes he has to do the sewing.

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