Monday, January 23, 2017

When The Prop Bin Fails

Little Witch
Zachary and the Little Witch

Little Witch
Henry (thinking) : "This is so lame."

And Henry would be correct.

Dog Blog Post #2346

You can learn a lot about yourself taking pictures.

Today I learned that I apparently don't like things that have "surprising color".

There were no purple stuffed dogs on my shelves. No pink kitty cats on the pillows.

Nope, I scoured the house from top to bottom, including braving Son's room, and this little green witch was the ONLY thing I found.

So, I throw myself on the mercy of the photograph group to find some compassion for a soul who surrounds themselves with naturalistic blandness.

Unless you think a purple fedora counts as surprising!

Photography Assignment

Daily Dog Challenge 1910. "Vivid"

Our Daily Challenge - Jan 23, 2017 - "Surprising Color"

Completely Unrelated

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Woven Stitch
Knit Woven Stitch

Woven Stitch
Looks like a basket weave - but isn't

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