Thursday, January 26, 2017

Water Play

Mr. Henry
Henry the Ready

(A shoot right up Henry's alley)

Water Play

(Quite the height on that splash)

Water Play

(That one wasn't bad either)

Water Play
(bubble bubble bubble)

(Look carefully at this cropped shot, above, and admire the bow wave about to crest the bowl and inundate the floor.

Henry obviously has no problem plunging his muzzle deep into the bowl to get the Cookie.

I'm a split-second from reaching into the bowl and pulling his muzzle out, to somewhat limit the damage.)

Water Play
(drip drip drip)

To keep my Henry from downing the bowl (or drinking all the water to rescue the Cookie -- yes, he's tried that approach before) I retrieved it for him.

Dog Blog Post #2348

Oh, the things we do for our art.

This is a Cookie taking a plunge into a bowl of water.

I'm quite amazed at how the water droplets went, and how much water managed to get all over the floor.

You would have thought I was working with a ten gallon bucket.

Photography Assignment

Daily Dog Challenge 1913. "Water"

Our Daily Challenge - Jan 26, 2017 - "Favorite Drink"

Well, their ONLY drink. Although after I finished this shoot, and the subsequent mopping u up of the floor, I was ready for an Irish Coffee.

Water Play

p.s. Uh, no. Zachary didn't get water play. I'm sure he would have been marvelous at it, but I wasn't about to clean up the floor.


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