Saturday, January 7, 2017

The Frost King

The Frost King
The Frost King

The Frost King
The Frost King's Frosty Glare

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I had fun creating the Frost King's crown this afternoon while watching my Raiders go down in flames (sob)!

It made a glittery mess on the table, but I was rather pleased with how it turned out.

It is constructed from a $.99 glittered, leafy sprig (picked up on heavy post-Christmas discount) cut into individual leaves and attached to a simple metal headband ($4) using a few pipe cleaners.

It's a bit flimsy at the moment (a leaf came off during the shoot!) but I like it well enough that I might try to make it sturdier so it will last until next year.

I made the needlepoint collar a few years ago, and the cape is just a bit of sheer fabric from the remnant pile.

Photography Assignment

Daily Dog Challenge 1894. "Blue"

Our Daily Challenge - Jan 7, 2017 - Frosty"

Plenty of drizzle, but no frost in sight.

Thankfully, the Frost King consented to sit for his portrait.

Prince of Frost?

The Frost King
His Royal Frostiness?

The Frost King
Prince of Sweetness

Sorry, Henry.

You just don't have imperious in you.

Frost King Props
Today's Props

Frost King Props
Up close and personal

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Doggie's Doing A Comedy Turn said...

Wow you'd give Elsa a run for her money. Indeed you could be her Frozen King!

Furries said...

Before I read the second photo's caption I though, what a perfect expression!
This is a great photo series.