Thursday, January 12, 2017


Zachary: "Roar!"


... and then they spontaneously burst into song...


Henry: "... aaaaaaaa...."

Henry: "... aaaaaaaaa...."

Dog Blog Post #2335

A snapshot of one of the many nightly rounds of Bitey-Face.

They many not last long, but they are definitely played with enthusiasm.

Why do they play it squirming around on their backs while waving paws and jaws at each other?

Only Golden Retrievers know.

I think the rest of the dog world laughs at them behind their (overturned) backs.

Taken with my new 35mm lens: 1/40s at f/2.5, ISO ranging from 1800 to 2200, depending on the shot.

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - Jan 12, 2017 - "Intentional (Motion) Blur"

Daily Dog Challenge 1899. "Artistic Style"

117 Pictures in 2017 - #92. "Full of Beans"

As feeding beans to a dog is probably a bad idea, we'll use the idiom definition instead: "to have a lot of energy and enthusiasm".

And the boys had both to spare, tonight.

Henry: (sputter cough cough)

Fur in the mouth -  a doggie hazard, to be sure.

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1 comment:

Furries said...

It's amazing that the boys can appear so vicious when they're having so much fun.