Friday, January 6, 2017

I Want Some

I Want Some
Zachary (thinking): "One... Two... Three..."
Henry (thinking): "One... Two... Three..."

I Want Some
Zachary (thinking) : "... Four... Five... Six..."
Henry (wondering) : "What number comes after three?"

I Want Some
Henry - closer

I Want Some
Henry - closer still

Dog Blog Post #2329

I love how each stares at the other's bowl.

We had a lovely family dinner at Outback Steakhouse, then the boys thoroughly enjoyed our leftovers - 6oz of New York Strip Steak plus a dollop of sweet potato PER DOG.

(That would be 1/2 of my 12oz steak, and half of Hubby's steak as well).

Yes, the boys ate well tonight!

In fact, there was so much steak it didn't all fit in the shells I was using for bowls.

Photography Assignment

Daily Dog Challenge 1893. "I Want Some!"

Our Daily Challenge - Jan 6, 2017 - "A Bowl Of"

I love using these shells for food shots.

They fit comfortably between the boys' paws, are deep enough to fill generously, and have a shallow lip that doesn't obscure the food - that last item an important consideration given the low POV I need if you want to see the boys show off their excellent table manners.

I Want Some

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Furries said...

Henry has great expressions in this series. I love it when his head is tilted down and his muzzle get a bit "puffy" (for lack of a better description).