Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Too Hot

Too Hot to Model
Zachary: "Zzzzzz"

Dog Blog Post #2224

With temps over 105F outside, and over 80F inside in the parts of the house hit hardest by the afternoon sun, neither the boys nor I had any interest in setting up the "studio".

So I took a happy-snappy of Zachary sleeping the evening away, and decided I would Focus on pushing sliders to try to make the best of this low-light, higher ISO iPhone shot.

Photography Assignment

Daily Dog Challenge 1730. "Focus"

Our Daily Challenge - July 26, 2016 - "@ Rest"

We Fits We Sits
We Fits We Sits

No, they don't usually pile up on the Love Seat like this.

But the Big Sofa, which is where Zachary wanted to be, was temporarily off limits while I used it as a convenient spot to sort through some stuff.

So Zachary hopped up onto the nearby Love Seat instead, on that nice squishy pillow (dog left), and looked unhappy.

Alas, that's where Henry wanted to be.

So Henry hopped up onto the only spot left on the sofa (dog right) and looked equally unhappy.

Sometimes it's rough to be a dog.

Editor's Note: Their unhappiness was because they couldn't be where they wanted to be, not because they were on the same sofa.

When I'm lying on the Big Sofa, with my legs curled up beside me, Zachary will often join me using my legs as a pillow, and then Henry will be at the far end of the sofa using Zachary as a pillow.

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