Friday, July 29, 2016

Catching Cookies

Catching Cookies
Zachary: (chomp)

Catching Cookies
Zachary: (crunch)

Catching Cookies
Zachary: (snap)


Did Zachary actually miss one???

Catching Cookies

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Daily Dog Challenge 1733. "Comical"

Our Daily Challenge - July 28, 2016 - "Make Us Laugh"

Catching Cookies
Henry: (tink)

The Worrier
Henry (thinking) : "I hate this game."

Editor's Note: Now now... don't you worry about Henry.

He is actually completely unconcerned about missing Cookies, and doesn't even try to chase after them when Zachary is in the room.

Which is probably just as well, as Zachary has Hoovered them up before Henry even realizes that he missed.

Nope, Henry isn't worried - doesn't even flinch - because Henry knows Momma always has more.

Which is why, if there are a limited number of treats for some reason, we always make sure Henry gets his first.

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