Sunday, July 17, 2016

Dog Star

The Dog Star
What's this we see through our telescope?

The Dog Star
A Dog Star!

Dog Blog Post #2214

Researchers discover the real source of the brightest star in the night sky.

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - July 17, 2016 - "News of the Weird"

Daily Dog Challenge 1721. "Who Knew?"

Sirius, the "Dog Star", is a binary star system found in the constellation Canis Major (The Great Dog).

It was known to the ancient Egyptians, and recorded in the earliest astronomical records.

-- Wikipedia:

The Dog Star
A Dog Star... with a tongue?

The Dog Star
Zachary: "Aaaaarrroooooooooo!"

Truth in Advertising: No, the boys don't actually howl.

They won't howl if we howl, although they do jump around and get very excited.

They won't howl if they hear other dogs howl.

They won't even howl if they hear a siren.

Henry will sometimes howl in his sleep, albeit rarely. It's a long, low, mournful sound that makes me think he's dreaming of being lost and is trying to find his family again.

Or perhaps it's just his inner wolf, so deeply buried in this gentle dog that it only gets to come out in his dreams.

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