Monday, July 18, 2016

Cookie Safe?

Cookie Safe
Zachary: "There. No one is going to get to our Cookies now."
Henry: "No one."

Wow guys, I didn't realize you knew how to open the Bear Can.

That's a pretty cool trick.

Cookie Safe
Zachary: "Right."
Henry: (sniff sniff sniff)

Cookie Safe
Zachary: "You know Henry, our plan might have a tiny little flaw."
Henry: (censored)

Cookie Safe

Dog Blog Post #2215

Perhaps the boys should rethink storing their Dog Cookies in the Reinforced Sturdy bear can.

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - July 18, 2016 - "Reinforced"

Daily Dog Challenge 1722. "Sturdy"

Cookie Safe
Zachary: (drool drool drool)
Henry: (sigh)

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How Sam Sees It said...

Darn those puppy proof cans!

So the lamb lung we noticed has a smell, but it's not offensive. It's not a smell that clings to your skin or you can smell after you've resealed the bag (like some treats).

Monty, Harlow and Ramble

Furries said...

I love both boys' expressions in the third photo.