Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Something's Not Right

Zachary (whispering) : "Watch this..."
Zachary: "Hey Henry, is that a cat outside?"

Cookie Thief!
Zachary: (sneak sneak sneak)

Something's Not Right

Cookie Thief!
Zachary: (shuffle shuffle shuffle)

Something's Not Right
Henry: "Hmmmm"

Dog Blog Post #2159

A Picture That Tells A Story and a tragedy at that.

At least, according to Henry.

Zachary might have a slightly different point of view.

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - May 25, 2016 - "A Picture That Tells A Story"

Daily Dog Challenge 1668. "1/4"

Wait a Minute!
Poor Henry

Now now... I promise both boys got EXACTLY the same number of Cookies in the end. :)

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