Monday, May 30, 2016

Big Nose

Big Nose
Henry: "sniff sniff sniff"

Dog Blog Post #2164

Henry's Big nose.

At least, big In Comparison to his eye (off in the "distance" up top) and most devices used to view it!

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - May 28, 2016 - "Big"

Daily Dog Challenge 1673. "In Comparison"

This is my Nikkor 60mm Macro lens, which is what I use the vast majority of the time because the length is Just Right for the size of my "studio" (e.g. Kitchen).

Today, it shows off its Up-Close-And-Personal side under floor lamp (dim) conditions.

I reduced Exposure Value by 1.0 to push the ISO down to 1000 (from ISO 1600, below)

1/60s, f/3.2, ISO 1000

These are not cropped shots.

Big Nose
Henry: "sniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiff"

How close I can get is limited only by the glass itself and keeping the lens body from getting in the way of the light source.

For the shot directly above, I was a few inches away. I could have moved a bit closer but then you wouldn't have seen the whole nose.

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