Friday, May 13, 2016

The Wild Dust Bunny

The Wild Dust Bunny
Henry and his Dust Bunny

The Wild Dust Bunny
Yup, Henry... that's ALL you

The Wild Dust Bunny
Zachary: "Ewwww"

Dog Blog Post #2147

Did someone say "Dust Bunnies"?

Rounded this plump dust bunny up from the corner by the boys' toy basket.

Cute little feller isn't it?

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - May 12, 2016 - "Web, Cobwebs, and Dust Bunnies"

Daily Dog Challenge 1656. "Not My Fault"

Henry swears it isn't ALL from him, but we all know it is. :)

Birth of a Dust Bunny

Not for the faint of heart...

Birth of a Dust Bunny
Happy Henry

Henry loves to be "raked".  :)

This is his undercoat rake. I have a basket full of combs and brushes, and this tool is the only one I use other than a simple comb to smooth their front leg feathers.

I picked the rake up at the local pet store and, if I recall correctly, it was... well... cheap.

It's really sturdy and has stubby, heavy, inflexible, rubber coated teeth that pull out mounds of undercoat without disturbing the top coat at all.

Henry dances when I bring it out, and no matter how firmly I rake he arches his back to meet the rake. It must feel really good to him, and I know that there isn't any way those blunt teeth are going to do any harm.

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