Thursday, May 5, 2016

Cinco de Mayo

More "Up Close and Personal"...

Dog and Sombrero
Zachary's Treat Spot

Dog and Sombrero

Dog and Sombrero
Oh look... Zachary drool!

Dog Blog Post #2139

Son had this sombrero on a long backpacking trip and absolutely loved it, as it negated the need for sunscreen on his face/neck.

The dark spot on Zachary's tongue is his Treat Spot - so we'll know where to put the Cookie.

Henry has one in pretty much the same location.

I don't remember if Beau had one on the tip of his tongue, but he had an enormous one that took up one whole side of the back half of his tongue.

They mean... absolutely nothing. :)

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - May 10, 2016 - "Macro or Close Up"

Daily Dog Challenge 1648. "Cinco de Mayo"

Dog and Sombrero
Henry, apparently unclear as to how to wear a Sombrero

Dog and Sombrero
Henry: "Zzzzzz"

Dog and Sombrero
Zachary: "AdiĆ³s!"

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