Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Canine Mind Control

Self Control
Henry's Self-Control

Open The Jar
"Open The Cookie Jar"

Dog Blog Post #2138

Every time I sit on the sofa, the boys come running over to get two small Cookies apiece.

I honestly don't know when or why this ritual came to pass, but the boys are definitely NOT going to let me forget it.

Our Daily Challenge - May 10, 2016 - "Rituals"

Sometimes they get the Cookie for "free". Sometimes they need to "work" for it, as Henry is doing in the top shot.

Daily Dog Challenge 1647. "May The Fourth Be With You"

I'm sure the boys use Jedi Mind Control to get me to open the jar so easily.

I'm also sure Henry's using Canine Mind Control to hold still long enough for me to get that top shot.

Photography Assignment

Open The Jar

Cookies Rise!
Henry, trying to levitate Cookies

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