Saturday, April 9, 2016

Light and Bright

Sleepy Sofa Spa-Day Saturday...

All images of Henry, today.

Light and Bright

Light and Bright

Light and Bright
Ear tuft

Light and Bright

Light and Bright
Fuzzy Head

Dog Blog Post #2113

No posing, no flash, no studio... although I did break out the Big Camera.

Today's shots are all 1/60s, ~f/3.5, ISO 1000 - shot using just the light from the floor lamp while I lounged about on the sofa and Henry begged Cookies.

Images where brightened considerably in Lightroom, with a generous amount of Noise Reduction (mostly Luminance/Color) thrown in for good measure.

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - Apr 7, 2016 - "Show Me The Bokeh"

Daily Dog Challenge 1622. "Light and Bright"

A Funny Thing...

Light and Bright

So I was going to title this "eyebrow", but started wondering if dog's really DO have eyebrows.

So I googled it.

"do dogs have eyebrows"

And there, in a little box at the top of the page, was a helpful excerpt from a dog blog, quoting Wikipedia, saying (essentially) no.

The INTERESTING thing (at least to me) was the image next to the text: a closeup of a handsome golden retriever eye.

A really, really familiar looking golden retriever eye.

So I clicked on the image, and sure enough, there at the top, was my watermark (from back when I used to watermark the images).

The Eyes Have It
Nov 17 2011 - Henry (this is the original image on Flickr, not the "borrowed" one)

Oh well, at least the blogger hadn't stripped it off.

It's possible google returned that as the top search because there is still some attachment to me and google was trying to personalize the results, although the image itself was uploaded locally to their wordpress blog.

FWIW: The image predates my lovely prime lenses, and was taken using the 18-200mm zoom lens the Nikon came with.

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1 comment:

Furries said...

Love the eyelashes photo.
The "borrowed" photo of Henry's eye is gorgeous. Too bad the blogger didn't give you appropriate credit (let along ask permission to use the photo).