Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Up High?

Hi Down There
Henry - wondering what I'm doing down there

Dog Blog Post #2131

Henry is standing on the arm of the sofa.

I'm lying on the floor, below, with camera in hand.

This setup so didn't work for today's challenge (Up High) although Henry is certainly Well-Loved.


Maybe I should have just pulled out the iPhone instead.

Or switched to the 50mm lens.

Or had Henry on the floor while I stood on the sofa.



Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - Apr 27, 2016 - "Up High"

Daily Dog Challenge 1640. "Well-Loved"

But Wait... These are Worse!

Henry now sporting Son's sombrero...

Big Hat
Sombrero and a Dog Nose

Big Hat
Sombrero and a Dog Muzzle

..., which he wore to avoid having to sunscreen his face/neck when backpacking.

Completely Cringeworthy

I have NO idea what Zachary was thinking here...

What a Look
Zachary: "Pfthththththth"

... but hopefully he doesn't think it again any time soon!

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KB said...

Wow, you really made me laugh hard! Those are some great bloopers!