Thursday, April 7, 2016

Hidden Corner

Shhh... we'll sneak up on Henry in his Hidden Corner as he...

Hidden Corner

... uh oh...

Hidden Corner
Henry: (gasp)

Hidden Corner
Henry: "Hey!"

Hidden Corner
Henry: "Humph"

I think we've been spotted.

Dog Blog Post #2111

This is Henry's Spot, a Hidden Corner between the dog crate (now used to store Photography Stuff) and the rocking chair.

Down that narrow corridor is a small cul-de-sac no bigger than the crate itself, tucked between the back of the crate, the sofa, the bookcases, and some more Photography Stuff.

This is where Henry naps when we leave the house. When it's cold he seems to prefer the cul-de-sac, as there's a blanket back there, while the rest of the time he likes this corner of the dog crate.

Why there?

I have no idea. He has essentially the run of the house (minus the utility rooms) including several sofas, a big dog bed, and The Big Bed.

Nope, Henry sleeps right here.

Perhaps he remembers sleeping inside the crate as a puppy (although he showed no interest in continuing to sleep there once allowed full run of the house) or maybe he feels safe surrounded by familiar stuff on most sides.

Zachary? He invariably picks the sofa in the living room, where I've added some extra blankets to give him the soft nest he seems to prefer.

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - Apr 6, 2016 - "Hidden Corner"

Daily Dog Challenge 1620. "Simple"

No props, no posing, no flash.

Ok, fine. The triggering flash for the off-camera flash fired (because I popped it up out of habit) but as the off-camera flash wasn't set up we can discount it.

Although, I do see some faint catchlights in some of those shots. :)

Hidden Corner

Hidden Corner
Corner sans-Henry

Now now... you don't think I'd REALLY sneak up on Henry, do you?

I was actually took those while I was tossing him Cookies AFTER I took my target shot ("Henry", above).

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Furries said...

Henry looks very content in his favorite spot.