Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Call of the Wild

Call of the Wild
Henry: "Arrooooooooo"

Zachary: "Bark bark bark!"

Henry: "Ahhhhh!!!!!!!!"

Dog Blog Post #2123

Truth in Advertising: My boys do not bark, howl, or make any other noises on cue.

They do, however, kinda look like they are making noise when trying to Catch Cookies.

If you look closely at the top shot, you can see Henry fanning his whiskers forward (toward his nose) to feel for the Cookie should it get close enough.

Not sure how much that helps for a tossed Cookie, but both boys do the same thing for a Cookie in hand, as the location of their eyes and size of their muzzle makes it impossible for them to see anything directly below their mouths.

Note: That top shot wouldn't work for Zachary, as he lifts off the ground to actually CATCH the Cookie.

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - Apr 19, 2016 - "Sound"

Daily Dog Challenge 1632. "So Much To Say"

"Feed Me?"

Pretty sure Henry missed this Cookie

Pretty sure Zachary caught this one

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1 comment:

Furries said...

Those are fantastic photos. I never noticed the forward-facing whiskers before.
My Bentley only barked in his sleep....more of a muffled harrumph.