Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Off to the V-E-T

This is Zachary at the V-E-T.

Zachary at the V-E-T
Zachary: "Oh woe is me."

A crop of above...

Zachary's Ear
Zachary: "The V-E-T stepped out for a moment and took all the Cookies."

Notice anything odd?

Zachary's Ear
Zachary: "Who cares about the ear, I want more of those yummy Cookies."

That little lump...

Zachary's Ear
Zachary: "Starving... wasting away..."

... should most definitely NOT be there. :(

Dog Blog Post #2018

Poor Zachary - at the vet's to have a suddenly appearing ear hematoma looked at.

We had it drained for now, and will keep an eye on it.

It was fairly small, so there's a chance it will resolve itself.

Finger's crossed!

If it returns, we could try draining again and adding steroids.

If that doesn't help then we'll have to choose between letting it heal on its own, which apparently takes weeks with the high probably of the ear becoming "hard and crinkly", or he'll need surgery to open it, drain it, and numerous sutures to quilt the ear back together, which takes weeks to heal and still can result in a certain amount of hard and crinkly.


Photography Assignment

Daily Dog Challenge 1528. "Too Much Is Never Enough"

Definitely NOT the picture was planning on taking, but oddly fitting, as it seems it was caused by him either shaking his head too much or playing too much.


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Ruth said...

Now isn't that odd. My Jackson developed a haematoma just before we left Canada. The vet drained it and put him on steroid pills (don't like that, but better than surgery). But she said it may come back, and it did, while we are snowbirding here in Florida. I took him to a vet here, and they drained it again and injected the cavity with steroids. So far so good, but if it comes back then they will have to do the surgery option.