Saturday, January 23, 2016


Are you sure you can do this Zachary?

You're going to have to hold Very Still...

Zachary (thinking) : "Holding Still. Holding Still."
Henry holding still

Good job!

Zachary: "More!"
Henry - still holding still

Let's make the stacks even with three Cookies each...

Zachary (thinking): "Must hold still."
Henry - hasn't budged

Let's try four!

Zachary: "Must... Hold... Still..."
Henry - still hasn't budged

Zachary: "Ta-da!"
Henry - a rock

Dog Blog Post #2035

Photography Assignment

Fruits of the Their Labors

Good job, guys!

I wasn't sure you could pull it off Zachary, but...

Zachary: "Pfthththth"
Henry: (crunch crunch crunch)

... you did.

Editor's Note: And yes, they did get to eat most of the Cookies when the shoot was over.

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Sweet William The Scot said...

That is pure torture holding still and waiting why I would have a puddle of drool.
Sweet William The Scot

Furries said...

Fantastic photos! It's amazing that they held their paws still, and Zachary held still while moving his head.
The last photo is cute. Zachary's tongue and Henry's scrunched up muzzle make me smile.