Friday, January 8, 2016

My Purple Robe

Pretty surrounded by Purple

Except the backdrop isn't real, it's digital.

The image actually looked more like this...

Pretty wearing Purple

... and, um, the robe is more a dusty mauve...

Pretty in Dusty Mauve?

Henry: "Humph!"


... and it's luxuriously soft and warm. :)

Dog Blog Post #2020

Golden Henry Surrounded by his Complimentary colored robe.

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - Jan 8, 2015 - "Surrounded"

Daily Dog Challenge 1530. "Complimentary"

Truth in Advertising: As noted above, the robe is actually a soft dusty mauve, which was "enhanced" in post-production.

I then added a digital background I created using several iPad art apps.

I wish I knew the secret for blending a masked image with a digital background (in Photoshop Elements) so it doesn't look decoupaged on.

Convalescing Zachary

Pretty in Purple

Pretty in Dusty Mauve

His ear is unchanged from yesterday, which is a good thing all things considered.

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zoepheedogs said...

That is way too cool! I love the digital background! I need to get better at photoshop. I also really need to get some backdrops.

Furries said...

Those are some fantastic poses with Henry.
He does look better in purple than dusty mauve so all your post-processing efforts enhanced the photo quite a bit.