Saturday, January 16, 2016

Balance of the Universe

Old Habits Die Hard
Henry (thinking): "Pictures?"

Sorry sweetie, Kansas City might finally make a game of it versus the Patriots and I don't want to miss the ending.

Time Passes...

Old Habits Die Hard
Henry (thinking) : "Pictures?"

Sorry sweetie, Green Bay just tied it up with the Cardinals and they are going to overtime.

(Not Much) Time Passes...

Old Habits Die Hard
Henry (thinking) : "Pictures?"

Sorry sweetie, we are out of the chicken and the cottage cheese you like on top of your Kibble so I need to go to the grocery store.

Dog Blog Post #2028

I spent most the day watching football, and then made the grocery store trip.

(Note to self: The grocery store is REALLY empty Saturday night at 9:30pm.)

Anyway, all that left no time for pictures.

You'd think the boys would have enjoyed the night off - especially since it was a Day Spa day for them - but no, Henry moped and Zachary whined and paced every time I wandered into the "Studio" (aka Kitchen).

Here's Henry, stationed in his "after photoshoot" spot, waiting for his delinquent Modeling fee , with a random sock he has been carrying around because he's a Golden Retriever and Golden Retrievers do that sort of thing.

Tired of the unhappy faces, I snapped a few quick shots of Henry (since he was the stationary one) and gave them both their normal Modeling fee.

The balance of the Universe apparently restored, they both collapsed into exhausted heaps and are happily snoozing away.

FWIW: I added a heavy vignette to hide the usual sorts of miscellaneous stuff that collect in a family room, plus extra (fine) grain to try and smooth out the icky (chunky) grain a low ISO iPhone shot contains.

Photography Assignment

This space intentionally left blank.


Old Habits Die Hard
Henry (thinking) : "No pictures."

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Unknown said...

Oh yes we see those pleading eyes when it's treat time too.

Furries said...

It's a good thing you were able to reestablish the balance in their universe so easily.