Monday, January 11, 2016

Praying For Cookies

Praying For Cookies
Henry - praying for Cookies

Dog Blog Post #2023

Here's Henry, posed in front of my workhorse Black Stretchy Velvet fabric.

To create deep shadows, I flipped the reflector (on the left, attached to the fridge handle) to black side out, and set the flash on the floor on Henry's right with a small softbox.

Henry has a very good "Look Up" cue - from his point of view it's probably a "hold your head still" cue, where his eyes then follow the Cookies in my hand as I slowly raise it. :)

Photography Assignment

Daily Dog Challenge 1533. "Simple Background"

Our Daily Challenge - Jan 10, 2015 - "Black Background"

116 Pictures in 2016 - #72. "Shadows"

Also Rans...

Zachary - annoyed I didn't pick his picture

Humble Henry

Huffy Zachary

Henry, worried there won't be enough Cookies

Zachary - still glaring at me.

Poor Zachary, I haven't picked a solo shot of him for the groups in... hmm... Wow... it's been nearly a week.

And he came so close with his top shot above, except I decided to change things up and move the flash higher, which blew the deep shadows.


Tomorrow, Zachary.

I'll do my very best to make your shot is the "winning" shot tomorrow!

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1 comment:

Furries said...

Henry, I hope all your prayers are answered.
Your top shot is great, and I like "Humble Henry" too.
Zachary glaring at you is a bit eerie.