Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Raining Cookies

Answered Prayers
Zachary's prayers are answered

Henry - looking surprised

I have no idea WHY Henry would be looking surprised, as he saw me sitting right next to him with Cookies in hand.

But that's Henry.

Zachary - not at all surprised

Zachary is no doubt plotting the trajectory of each Cookie and determining the most efficient order of containment and consumption.

Dog Blog Post #1964

Every night, at the end of the shoot, I toss the boys the leftover Cookies as a "Well Done" jackpot.

Zachary's Cookies are tossed in one direction and Henry's the other, else Zachary would hoover them all up before Henry even got started.

If they manage to go through most/all the Cookies during the shoot I'll get a few more, figuring it must have been a hard shoot to require that many Cookies and they earned the bonus.

Is it any wonder the boys enjoy being my models so much?

Photography Assignment

Daily Dog Challenge 1471. "Chaos"

Our Daily Challenge - Nov 10, 2015 - "Daily Ritual"

Catching Cookies

Catching Cookies
Zachary - doing what he does best

Plan A

This was Plan A for today's shoot...

Shredding Boxes
Handsome Henry

It didn't work.

It seems Henry has zero interest playing during Photo Shoot time, and even though he was merrily destroying boxes while I was setting things up, once the camera was turned his way he was all business.

On the bright side, you can get a good look at my Bed-Head Boy's ever thickening winter coat.

The house is now dropping below 60F at night, Zachary is snuggling in the blankets, and Henry is STILL panting.

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Furries said...

Maybe it's the winter coat, but Henry looks very young in these photos. I think one of the best qualities about Goldens is their innocence, like Henry being surprised by the falling treats. You took great photos today.

The Dogvine said...

Fabulous photos! Love the expressions from Zachary & Henry :) Aren't Golden Retrievers treat mad (or is that Labradors?)

Anonymous said...

Oh my, Rosie would be in heaven. Sometimes when she is particularly good during a photoshoot, I start throwing treats at her and singing "It's raining treats, hallelujah, it's raining treats, raining treats!!!" She probably thinks I am crazy, but I know she is happy to get the goodies.

Unknown said...

Those made me laugh out loud! Such lovely and lucky and exuberant boys!

Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie