Thursday, November 12, 2015

Nose Magnet

Nose Magnet
Henry to his Right

Nose Magnet
Zachary to his Left

Nose Magnet
Henry looking Up

Nose Magnet
Henry looking Down

Nose Magnet
Zachary looking Up

Dog Blog Post #1473

Cookies send out seemingly irresistible Follow Me signals.

The boys are allowed - indeed encouraged - to get their noses Almost touching the Cookie, but not quite.

Since the boys ALWAY get the Cookie in the end, and they know it, they are more than happy to play along.

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - Nov 12, 2015 - "Follow Me"

Daily Dog Challenge 1473. "Almost"

Nose Magnet
Zachary and his Photographer

Of course, to be useful for photography you need to add in a good Stay so that once you get the position you want you can get yourself out of the shot!

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