Saturday, November 28, 2015



Sleepy Model
Henry: "Sleepy."

No, no.

Not sleepy.

Happy, perky...

Sleepy Model
Henry: "Drooping."


You haven't done a thing all day.

How can you be...

Sleepy Model
Henry: "Sinking."

Henry: "Slumping"

Henry: "Wilted"



Dog Blog Post #1979

Poor Henry's Wilted Head.

This is what happens if you leave your models sitting too long under the lights.

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - Nov 25, 2015 - "Wilted"

Daily Dog Challenge 1489. "Head"

Faux Wilt

Zachary: "Wilted. I can do wilted. See me wilt?"

Editor's Note: No, of course they aren't REALLY wilting.

The only light on, other than the flash, is a cool florescent behind an umbrella.

They have a "head down" cue, which Henry (obviously) excels at, being a natural behavior of his that I reinforced and put on cue when he was in puppy class.

Zachary picked it up on his own after seeing Henry get Cookies for it, although (being Zachary) he tries just a bit too hard for it to ring true.

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