Saturday, November 7, 2015

The End

At the end of the day...

The End

... we have the end of the dog...

The End

Dog Blog Post #1961

A slider or two may have been pushed in the making of these images.

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - Nov 7, 2015 - "Seen From Behind"

Daily Dog Challenge 1468. "A Different Perspective"

The End

The End
Same Zachary, a bit less post-processing

Saw Bridge of Spies tonight - a Steven Spielberg movie staring Tom Hanks - resulting in being a bit rushed to get the pictures taken, processed and out the digital door.

(Two thumbs up, Mom. I think you'll enjoy it!)

Happy Slider Sunday!

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Furries said...

Funny, I have a photo of my Bentley's tail on our refrigerator. Love your close-ups.

Ruth said...

Cuddly, fluffy tails! :)