Monday, November 30, 2015

Rim Lighting

Shadowy Henry
Fluffy Henry

Shadowy Zachary
Elegant Zachary

Shadowy Zachary
Still Elegant Zachary

Dog Blog Post #1981

As pretty much all of my pictures are taken at Night Using Flash, I changed things up a bit by putting the flash on the floor with a small softbox.

For most shots the flash is behind and to the right, creating a Shadowy figure and rim lighting.

While I preferred Zachary's more elegant profile and poses, Henry's bristly whiskers and fluffy ruff won me over in the end.

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - Nov 25, 2015 - "Night Using Flash"

Daily Dog Challenge 1491. "Shadowy"

Shadowy Zachary
Zachary: "That is so not fair."

Shadowy Henry
Henry: (blink blink blink)

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Furries said...

All the photos are very creative and intriguing.