Thursday, October 8, 2015

Holding Still

Holding Still
The Leaning Tower of Zachary


Dog Blog Post #1929

This is a quintessential Henry trick, as he is King of Stillness and has a nice, flat, broad muzzle.

However, this is NOT Henry - this is Zachary, and Zachary is a fidgety dog who doesn't "do" still.

I figured if I could actually get Zachary to balance Cookies on his nose, it would be most unexpected.

Now, looking at the shot and seeing the angle he's listing at, it's even more unexpected that he managed to keep the Cookies there!

Photography Assignment

Daily Dog Challenge 1438. "Stillness"

Our Daily Challenge - Oct 8, 2015 - "The Unexpected"

Running Late...

... so here's the rest of the shots, quickly processed via my magic "artsy" pre-set and dropped here for your viewing pleasure...

Six Cookies
Setting Cookie Tower on Henry's Nose

Six Cookies
Henry with Six Cookies (and Drool Rag - Oops)

Six Cookies
Still Six Cookies

Mr. Henry
Henry: "Mmmmm"

Mr. Zachary
Zachary: "I did it!"

Yes you did, sweetie!

I'm very proud of you. :)

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