Saturday, October 24, 2015

Halloween Needs

It's Slider Sunday!

Halloween Needs
Zachary: "Empty"

Halloween Needs
Creepier Zachary: "Still Empty."

Halloween Needs
Zachary: "Mom! Need more candy!"

Dog Blog Post #1945

Zachary, reminding me that I still need to get Halloween candy.

Photography Assignment

Daily Dog Challenge 1454. "Wants And Needs"

Our Daily Challenge - Oct 24, 2015 - "On Your Grocery List"

The top version was done entirely in Lightroom by pushing sliders.

Lots of sliders.

It took me about 5 minutes to create, but was done AFTER the one that follows it, so I kinda knew what I was shooting for.

The second version started out in Lightroom, then moved over to Photoshop Elements were I played with merging a layer with glowing edges filter applied, and then subsequently inverted, which was merged with the original image duplicated and blended using one of the darkening options (forgot which one). It ended back in Lightroom for a last minute touchup on the pumpkin.

I spent at least 30 minutes fiddling with it, and rather liked the overall effect, but in the end the treatment didn't seem to quite fit the mood of the image.

The (Mostly) Original

Halloween Needs
Zachary: "The situation has not improved."

The usual sliders, pushed a bit further than usual.

In an Alternate Universe

Again - the usual sliders, pushed a bit further than usual.

Henry: "Empty."

The Last Cookie
Henry: "Found one!"

Two football teams that I follow will be playing each other today (Sunday) guaranteeing that I will FINALLY get to see a win.

Of course, that also means I will have to endure yet another loss.

The football gods are laughing.

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