Friday, October 30, 2015


Zachary: "Uh oh"

What are you doing???

And don't give me that, "Just reading the articles", line.

Zachary: (gulp)
Henry: "There's articles?"

Dog Blog Post #1952

Oh dear...

I don't suppose they are just reading it for the articles?

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - Oct 30, 2015 - "Looking In"

Daily Dog Challenge 1460. "Mischief"

Artsy Version

Same pictures (plus one) processed with a slighter heavier hand, but not as heavy as my usual heavier hand.

Zachary (whispering) : "She's still glaring at us"

Henry: "Hey look, there ARE articles."

Caught in the act

Today's prop gave me no end of grief.

The idea was simple enough - use an iPad app (PicsArt) to add "stickers" to a background that looks like brown paper.

And that part actually worked splendidly.

I sent the final images (one for the front cover and an unadorned one for the back) to the Big Mac for printing.

Off to the printer the images went, where they sat. The little icon on the desktop blinking dismally.

It seems the printer isn't hooked up to the computer.


It has been for the past... oh... five years or so.


No time to fuss with it, so I sent it to the newer (fancier) printer. The one we purchased to replace the old one when we bought the new computer, but rarely use as the old printer keeps hanging in there and prints just fine.

Unlike the new printer, which decided to pick today to draw chartreuse lines across my images.


No time to fuss with it (I'll just fix it in post-processing) so I grabbed the printouts and headed into the Studio (aka Kitchen) to make my Magazine.

A little tape, a sturdy folder as backing, a bit of trimming here, and...

It looked terrible.

The light showed through where the images were bigger than the folder, and the seam down the middle where "front" and "back" pages met had a shadowy gap.


No time to fuss with it (I'll just fix it in post-processing) so I cut some good-enough sized sheets of newspaper to hide the worse of the light shining through, put the dogs in position, and starting taking pictures.

And that part actually worked splendidly.

The boys hit their visual marks and we were done in a half-dozen or so flashes.

Off to post-processing!

Where I realized that handy light-blocking newspaper was showing rather glaringly.

(clone clone clone)

And that seam down the middle had to be fixed.

(clone clone clone)

And, Wow, there are a LOT of green lines!

Forget it.

It's not a bug it's a feature.

Which leads me to the heavier processing, where I tried to see if it would obscure the worst of the fixes.

And it did.

But perhaps the originals weren't so bad after all.

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