Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Easter Bunny?

Easter Bunny?
Henry: "Hmm…"

Easter Bunny?
(nestle nestle)

Easter Bunny?
Momma Henry

Easter Bunny?
Zachary: "I'll take care of these eggs."

You need to keep them safe and warm.

Easter Bunny?

Easter Bunny?
Zachary: "Inside my tummy's very safe and warm…"

Dog Blog Post #1738

Pretty sure the boys have never tried hatching Easter Eggs before.

I'll let you know how it works out.

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - Mar 31 2015 - "New Experience"

Daily Dog Challenge 1246. "Ears"

Easter Bunny?
Henry: "Squawk!" 

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Furries said...

You both make very handsome Easter bunnies. Zachary, I think you're supposed to use the outside of your tummy to keep the eggs warm.

Unknown said...

They are both adorable! Ill have to check out the Daily Dog Challenge, it sounds like it would be right up my alley!

Unknown said...

Handsome bunnies indeed. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
Best wishes Molly

Unknown said...

Beautiful photos! Happy Easter!

Erin said...

Love the photos! Best looking bunnies I've seen this year... :)

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness. You both look great with your easter eggs and ears.

A Happy Havanese said...

Those are beautiful! What a good dog! Stopping by from the hop, hope you come to say hello
A Happy Havanese

Anonymous said...

So darn cute, dogs and poses too. Love all the festive fun.

We're on Wordless Wednesday with Blog Paws too You can see one of our house rabbits on Dog Leader Mysteries. Our furry kids keep us hopping.

It's Kelley! said...

Your pictures are always so nice. Not only are your dogs gorgeous, they also appear to be very accommodating. In comparison, photographing my dogs in hats is much like herding cats.