Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Bringing Home the Bacon

Bringing Home the Bacon
(sniff sniff sniff)

Bringing Home the Bacon
Henry: "Zachary, Momma's not letting go of the handles."

Bringing Home the Bacon
Zachary: "Patience Puppy, prepare to activate your primary weapon."
Henry: "He he he… right!"

Bringing Home the Bacon
Cold Wet Noses Activated!

Dog Blog Post #1732

Umm… yeah.


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Our Daily Challenge - Mar 25 2015 - "Arch"

Daily Dog Challenge 1240. "Out and About"

Blog Fodder
Zachary: "Works every time."
Henry: "Look at her go."

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Furries said...

I think your noses would be a little deeper in that bag if it were bacon!

Unknown said...

Yes what nose diving in the bag? Have a tremendous Thursday.
Best wishes Molly