Monday, November 24, 2014

Henry's Nest

Henry's Nest
Henry: "I'm sweet."

Zachary: "Sophisticated."

Henry's Nest
Henry: "Gentle."

Zachary: "Dramatic."

Zachary: "And hungry!"

Dog Blog Post #1609

We keep a pile of old blankets and a comforter in the bedroom for the boys to make a Nest as they choose.

Today I grabbed the pile and dropped it in the "studio", turned to set up the camera, and look back to see Henry pawing away at it then plopping down in the middle.

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - Nov 24, 2014 - "Nest"

Daily Dog Challenge 1119. "Surrounded"

Henry's Nest
Henry: "So… um… I hope you enjoyed seeing my nest and…"

Photo Bomb
Henry: "Hey!"
Zachary: "Photo bomb!"

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houndstooth said...

I think they both belong on the cover of GGQ (Golden Gentlemen's Quarterly)! Those scarves are just perfect!