Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Crafty Canines - Part 2


Why don't you work on your Craft Project?

Crafty Canines
Zachary: "Doesn't she know I can't possibly do this… without my glasses."

Here you go, Your Majesty.

Crafty Canines
Zachary: "Eh hem… now, where was I?"

Crafty Canines
Zachary: "I don't suppose you have a spare set of opposable thumbs?"

Sorry, all out.

Dog Blog Post #1600

Looking good, boys!

You'll have a nice Warm scarf to wear in no time.

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - Nov 12, 2014 - "Warm"

Daily Dog Challenge 1107. "About You"

You have to love professional models. I set the pillows on the floor, turned around to adjust the flash, turned back and the boys had plopped down in their appointed spots and were ready to go.

Crafty Canines
Crafty Canines

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Unknown said...

LOL that made us chuckle. Have a tremendous Thursday.
Best wishes Molly