Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Friday

Black Friday
Henry: "Look at all the stuff we bought at the craft store, Momma!"
Zachary: "Can't beat Black Friday prices."

Black Friday
Henry: "And Dolly is going to carry it all for us."
Zachary: "Am I clever or what?"

That's great guys.

And who is going to push the dolly?

Black Friday

Black Friday
Zachary: "Henry, of course."

Dog Blog Post #1615

Smart boys - they took the Dolly to haul their Black Friday loot.

Photography Assignment

Daily Dog Challenge1123. "Black Friday"

Our Daily Challenge - Nov 28, 2014 - "Wheels"


I made the mistake of having Cookies and camera remote in hand as I was trying to get the Hat on Henry...


… causing remote to go off at random times…


… and Henry to follow my Cookie hand as though I held a Nose Magnet.

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zoepheedogs said...

They're so cute! I love the blooper shots, too!!