Friday, June 7, 2013

I Wasn't Going to Eat It

"What have we here?"

(sniff sniff sniiiiiiiiiiff sniff sniff)

I Was Just Going to Taste It
"I'm sure Mom won't mind if I take just a little taste..."

I Was Just Going to Taste It
"... or two."

Dog Blog Post #1076

The boys, filled with Hope that they'll soon have Something to be Happy About.

They were not disappointed, splitting the open face sandwich between them.

Henry is the good dog in the top two pictures, while Zachary is the one sampling the goods.

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - Jun 7, 2013 - "Hope"

Daily Dog Challenge"585. Something to be Happy About"

Unsung Hero

It's heating up around here, so Miss Kitty bravely volunteered to be a most acceptable stand-in while I was setting up the lighting.

Miss Kitty

Behind the Scenes

These were taken on your standard country-style 1980's faux-wood finish (plastic) topped kitchen table. In real life it's not much darker than the boys, but with the camera on its tripod just above table-top height, the stretchy black velvet hanging from the backdrop stand in the background, and the flash coming in straight from right, it does create some pretty nice reflections on a seemingly dark surface.

Both boys have their front paws on an inverted plastic container (on a towel on the floor to keep it from slipping) raising them up to the right height. This is a simple to teach trick that I should probably make use of more often than I do.

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Beyond the Dog Dish said...

Great detail in your close ups. Love the reflection on the table as well.

GOOSE said...

Well now I am hungry.

Sue and Doug said...

that sandwich looked yummy!!!

Unknown said...

Drool, drool. Have a super Saturday.
Best wishes Molly

Speak Doggie said...

Great photos ! Wow,,what a handsome bunch of pups you have there. Gotta go,,for some reason,,I'm feeling the need for treats.

klahanie said...

Is this a dog hop blog hop? Must inform Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar! :)

I do love your photos. I hope that's peanut butter on the bread.

Penny's human,


SlimDoggy said...

Ah Henry, such a good boy. You should get more than half of the sandwich for being so good!

Sage said...

Haha! What is it about peanut butter that's so appealing? Sage even knows when the peanut butter jar is being opened.