Monday, June 10, 2013

Stupidest Portrait Ever?

It's not this one...

Mr. Cool

... it was one of my favorites.

It wasn't these three...

Mr. Cool

Mr. Cool

Mr. Cool

... nor these two either...



Nope, the honor(?) of the Stupidest Portrait I've ever (intentionally) taken and uploaded goes to this beauty...


... as it was the only shot that met the letter of the challenges.

Dog Blog Post #1080

Every time I look at it, I have this overwhelming desire to pull out a Sharpie pen and add eyes and a mustache.


I think the rest in the series are much cuter, but as you can see, the hats just weren't big enough to cover the entire dog face - including muzzle.

Photography Assignment

Daily Dog Challenge - "588. Soft Lighting"

Our Daily Challenge - June 10, 2013 - "Faceless Portrait"

Are We Done Yet?
Henry: "Are we done now?"

Yes, Henry. We are most definitely done.

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Unknown said...

Such dapper looking fellows in their bow ties & hats!
Wally & Sammy

Unknown said...

LOL even the last one was good. Have a terrific Tuesday.
Best wishes Molly

Linda said...
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Linda said...

They all are great.
We like the B&W the most.
xo Cinnamon

houndstooth said...

You know, I rather like it, and I think a lot of people showed partial faces for that challenge. I loved seeing what everyone did with that one!