Saturday, June 1, 2013

Disappointment Squared


Henry: "Zachary has a haaaaan-ky. Zachary has a haaaaaan-ky.
Zachary: "Mom, what exactly am I suppose to do with these?"

It is not a handkerchief, Henry, it's a map.

A pirate map... or at least it would be if there was something drawn on it.

And you're supposed to look intrigued, or curious, or... I don't know - ready for adventure!

Zachary: "She has got to be kidding."
Henry: "I can't work under these conditions."

Dog Blog Post #1070

I had such great hopes for this shoot, as what could be more like A Saturday Kind of Day then to go off on a pirate adventure?

You see I'd recently picked up these great keys from Disneyland (Yo ho Yo ho!) and was so looking forwarded to trying them out.

These are wonderful. Metal. Huge. Weigh a ton. Totally awesome. $15 (about 3x what I typically spend on a prop - but they were just too cool to pass up.)

I even tried to make map paper. That's the dingy hanky-like object.

Paper. Folded. Unfolded. Folded. Unfolded (repeat repeat…) Crinkled and Crunched. Soaked in Coffee. Laid in the sun to dry.

I knew I didn't have time to make the map itself, but I figured it might look the part if I just kept it folded.


But when it came time to photographing the Keys, I sadly discovered they are too heavy to stand on their own, I could not find nothing appropriate to drape them over, and they all but disappear if laid flat.

To say I'm disappointed is such an understatement. I know I'll eventually figure something out. Some day. I just wish it had been today.

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Sue and Doug said...

your pictures are never a disappointment..seeing those beautiful golden boys of yours is worth it no matter if the pictures didn't turn out the way you wanted!

Unknown said...

Your pictures are always fabulous. We love the golden boys. Have a serene Sunday.
Best wishes Molly

GOOSE said...

I don't think it is a disappointment all all. After all the boys are in the shot, what more do you need.

Unknown said...

Seriously? You ALWAYS have the best photos and I for one am NEVER disappointed! I thought they were the keys to their hearts or maybe the magical treat chest! Love their dialog too!

Unknown said...

Loving Max has it right!