Sunday, January 13, 2013

Worn Out

Worn Out
Zachary: "Ahhhhh - at last."
Henry (off camera): "Hey, that's my nest!!!!"

Worn Out
Henry: "Mine mine mine!"

Now Henry, that's not very nice.

Well Worn
"But I found it Momma, doesn't that make it mine?"

Well, yes, sort of. But we're a family. That means we share our things with others. Like when Zachary shares his Lacrosse Balls with you.


Perhaps that was a bad example.

Well Worn
"He's suppose to share?"

Dog Blog Post #931

Photography Assignment

Over the Christmas holidays, hubby and I replaced our…

Daily Dog Challenge "440. "Well Worn"

… and...

Our Daily Challenge - Jan 13, 2013 - "Past Its Prime"

… comforter, plus an ancient and undersized blanket, after a large rip suddenly appeared near the hem of the comforter.

While I was making up the bed with the new, Henry found the pile of the old and flopped down into his newfound fluffy nest.

This was a born yet another "dog bed" in our house, and a…

The Monthly Scavenger Hunt January - "#6. Frugal"

… one at that.

Here are the boys, enjoying their nest as a prop, with the ripped innards displayed for your viewing pleasure.

When I build the nest for real, I'm careful to fold the tear deep into the middle to prevent an additional destuffing.

Mischief Monday

Well Worn
"Now you've done it, mom."

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houndstooth said...

I'd say the boys have found a perfect new bed! Too bad it's only big enough for one of them... :P

Sue and Doug said...

so cozy on a cold winter morning! those boys of yours are such a form of entertainment..brings a smile to my face every day!!

Sheltie Times said...

They are learning to fend for themselves. They even make their own beds. :)

Jan said...

Clever of them to find a bed that has the pack scent on it.

Flea said...

Very frugal. :) I love it!

Sage said...

I do know snuggling is good, especially on these cold night.