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So close and yet...
"So close and yet..."





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Peanut Butter - the ultimate...

Daily Dog Challenge "454. Tasty"


Our Daily Challenge - Jan 26, 2013 - "Snack"

…. at least according to the boys.

Pet Photography Tip of the Day

I love getting "tongue" pictures, but always seem to snap the picture at exactly the wrong the moment.

Using a remote makes it even worse, as there is a small but noticeable lag between when I click the button and when the camera fires.

Today, however, I did something different.

I let Zachary get a lick or two in with the spoon held about 6-8" higher than what I wanted, then I lowered the spoon and clicked the remote.

Whether because it was a good idea, or I just got lucky, the proportion of tongue to no tongue pictures shot up dramatically.

Your milage may vary.

Heck, my milage may vary the next time I try it!

Got Milk?
"Got Milk?"

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1 comment:

FANCY the Red Standard Poodle said...

Hi Y'all!

Love the tongue!

Love the comment on that last picture! BOL!!! Hope he's not like most of us pawed ones...lactose intolerant. BOL!!!

Y'all come back now,
Hawk aka BrownDog