Monday, January 14, 2013

Bet You Can't Do This

Bet You Can't Do This

Dog Blog Post #932

Photography Assignment

Daily Dog Challenge "441. Monday, Monday - How is your Monday going?"

Ok Henry, tell us what you REALLY think about Monday's.

Actually, this was a total luck shot, taken while the boys were playing the evening round of Bitey-Face.

After many days of "studio" shots, I needed a break.

The boys, on the other paw, were terribly bummed and pestered me for a good while, "reminding" me that it was past Cookie Time.

Actually, it's all their fault a shoot didn't happen, for as I started to get set up for a shoot, they decided they had enough time to squeeze in one more round of play. Well, they just looked so darned cute that I HAD to get at least one shot.

I figured with feet and fur and fearsome faces flying, I shouldn't have any trouble finding a...

Our Daily Challenge - Jan 14, 2013 - "Framed"

... shot.

And I didn't. :)

(At least that's what I'm going to tell their lawyers when they call in the morning!)

In the shot above, I loved how Henry's ruff tipped forward here and FRAMED his face from ear to ear.

And then there's that adorable tongue.

And his squished closed eyes.

And how he's laying...

113 Pictures in 2013 - "93. Upside Down"

… on the floor.

This is the first time I've tried the 135mm (Christmas) lens with action and I must say I was impressed. The autofocus is fast, silent, and sharp.

(Some of) The Rest...

And They Played...

And They Played...

And They Played...

And They Played...

And They Played...

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houndstooth said...

Every time I look at that first picture, I crack up laughing! I love it!

Sue and Doug said...

now that's a good one!!

Unknown said...

these are really nice...I totally like the freestyle and makes you smile.