Monday, January 7, 2013

Pesky Prop

Photography Prop
"I can't believe she did this to us. Christmas is over!"

Photography Prop
"Oh, the indignities we must bear."

Photography Prop
"You aren't going to post this in the blog, are you?"

Oh, come on guys. You look adorable! Your adoring fans are going to love it.

Dog Blog Post #924

Photography Assignment

News flash!!! 
Prop Purchased: Precious Puppy Pouts

It takes a real pro to maintain a…

Daily Dog Challenge "433. Highly Photogenic"

… appearance while wearing red reindeer antlers as a PROP.

(Our Daily Challenge - Jan 6, 2012 - "Begins with P")

And since I bought them yesterday (50% off at Bed Bath and Beyond!) they qualify as…

113 Pictures in 2013 - "#74. Something New"

As you can see, the boys were positively delighted.


Editor's Note: I added a reflector to the mix today.

The Speedlight is hiding behind an umbrella on the left and the reflector is leaned up against the kitchen cabinets on the right.

If there's logic to positioning this stuff, someone please share it with me!!!

Monday Mischief

Yeah - I think I'm pretty much guilty as charged on this one.

Photography Prop
Henry: "The Precious Puppy is not amused."

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houndstooth said...

Ha ha ha! I'm sorry to laugh boys, but your expressions could sell Hallmark cards!

Sue and Doug said...

you are going to pay for that 'momma'!..the boys do look cute in the christmas attire!