Friday, November 2, 2012

Indigenous Dust Bunny

Indigenous Dust Bunny

Indigenous Dust Bunny

Indigenous Dust Bunny

Indigenous Dust Bunny

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Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge Nov 1, 2012 "Indigenous"

"indigenous (adj) : produced, growing, living, or occurring naturally in a particular region or environment" -- Merriam-Webster

As the boys were at the Day Spa all day, I was forced to resort to indoor regions and environments in my search for something indigenous ...

Daily Dog Challenge "367. Where You Live"

...this evening.

Thankfully, I didn't have to look far (just low) as a quick peek under the sofa revealed a small herd of dust bunnies.

I certainly don't put them there, and no matter how many I relocate outside there are soon even more to replace them.

I can only conclude they must be naturally occurring (i.e. indigenous) to the areas under my sofas…

… and chairs…

… and beds…

… and between the fridge and the cupboards.

Perhaps they feast on lost cookies.

It appears they enjoy playing with Lacrosse Balls.

Neither of those ideas is sitting very well with the boys this evening.

Looks like it's time to relocate the herd again.

Behind the Scenes:

1. I took 51 shots of dust bunnies tonight, all with the camera sitting directly on the floor.

2. Lighting was room (recessed) lighting plus a large Mag-Lite lying on the floor to spotlight the dust bunny.

3. A few (including the first shot, my favorite) added a bit of fill-lighting to better show the dogs.

4. Hard to believe, but I sweep out under the sofa once a week on the weekends. This means this is, at most, 5 days worth of "fluff".

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fromsophiesview said...

Jeepers..I could easily have shared my dust bunnies with you. I think they live in everyone's homes...but you know what...your's are so much prettier!

Sue and Doug said...

geesh! We have those same dust bunnies, expcept ours include kitty fur. I have always said it isn't called 'fur-niture' for no reason! Happy sweeping!

How Sam Sees It said...



Sage said...

Amazing how those dust bunnies multiply! I can sweep daily and still not keep up.

houndstooth said...

These absolutely cracked me up! You did such a great job with the lighting for them!