Sunday, November 18, 2012


Cat Burglar

Dog Blog Post #875

Photography Assignment

Follow the boys around with a camera and you never know what sort of…

Our Daily Challenge - Nov 18, 2012 - "Adventure"

… you'll have.

Today, we have Inspector Henry collaring the local Cat Burglar red-pawed with the goods - a bag of priceless gems including a monster...

The Monthly Scavenger Hunt November 2012 - "Diamond"

Just one more day in the life of the Golden Boys.

Daily Dog Challenge 384. "Out Of Frame - Take a photo of your dog today where he or she is partially out of the frame."

Editor's Note: For those keeping score at home - no, I did NOT add a new brown Fedora to the boys already extensive hat collection.

That's the bright red Fedora (as shown in their recent A Night Out post) selectively colored in Aperture 3 to be brown. I don't normally go that far for pictures, but after Hubby glanced at the shots and commented on how ridiculous it looked, I couldn't very well leave it that way. :)


Sir Droolsalot's lone entry, as he immediately left spots on the purple satin and the diamond didn't show up with out it, thus ending the shoot. To his credit, his shot is the best match for the Daily Dog Challenge's "Out Of Frame" prompt:

Cat Burglar

Yup - I selectively colored the Irish Green Bowler hat (as seen in Sharp Dressed Dogs) as well...

Cat Burglar

How about no hat?

Cat Burglar

And Henry looking regal... just because. :)

Cat Burglar

Monday Mischief

If a diamond stealing Cat Burglar doesn't qualify as Monday Mischief, I don't know what does!

Cat Burglar

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houndstooth said...

These photos cracked me up! I love the whole concept. And I have been guilty of coloring things to match in photos before, too. I completely understand!

Sue and Doug said...

the adventures of the 'cat burglar'! Henry is most 'regal'!! great photos as always!

Anonymous said...

I do love the hats! Makes him look like Humphrey Bogart!

Pup Fan said...

This definitely qualifies as mischief - too cute!

Sage said...

Henry is sitting so calmly there with a Cat Burglar in the midst. Do you think he knows something we don't????Clearly some mischief is afoot.

24 Paws of Love said... sweet! I love it!