Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Don't Do It Kitty!

Don't Do It Kitty!

Words of Wisdom

Words of Wisdom

Words of Wisdom

Words of Wisdom

Dog Blog Post #862

Photography Assignment

I had hoped Kitty would heed my…

Our Daily Challenge - Nov 5. 2012 - "Words of Wisdom"

… to:

"Let Sleeping Dogs Lie"

... but apparently she didn't!

Daily Dog Challenge "371. Muted Tones"

Behind the Scenes

No, I don't have a black wall.

I do have a metal frame I can snap together to hang backdrops on, and that's what I used today - with my favorite black stretchy velvet draped over the top bar set high enough to be out of the shot but low enough that I could reach over it.

Behind the sofa and velvet is a dog crate, which we haven't used since Henry was a pup and is now a flat surface to stack Family Room "precious objects" (i.e. photography props) on top of. The pile is... colorful... and makes a hideous backdrop, hence the need for the black stretchy velvet fabric "wall".

Also behind the sofa and velvet was me, calling Zachary around from his down-stay to capture his "waking up".

Picture #2, #3, and particularly #4 are dead give-aways as to my location as Henry's nose (and Zachary's in #4) is pointed too high and left to actually be looking at Kitty.

For shot #5 I resorted to putting cookies on Kitty's back (hidden behind her head) resulting in the most loving looks she's probably ever gotten from the boys. :)

The Happy Family
The Happy Family

Editor's Note: Ok people, Kitty was most definitely NOT meant to be PART of yesterday's Be Prepared survival provisions. 

At least... I don't think she was....


... and before anyone brings it up, no Kitty's were harmed in today's shoot, either! :)

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How Sam Sees It said...

Kitty must never have heard the saying "Let sleeping cats lie".


houndstooth said...

Kitty's appearances always crack me up! You did a great job with these shots, and I know how tough it is to make it appear that they're looking at something. You do really well with that!

Sue and Doug said...

darn kitty, disturbing the golden boy's beauty sleep! :)

Flea said...

Kitty has the upper hand in these photos. Your boys are sweet, though.

Sage said...

Loved this series! Henry & Zachary played right along with your cues...they are so well trained.