Sunday, November 25, 2012


Zachary: "MOM!!! Could you pick us up a new bag of balls at the store today?"

(Time passes)

Henry, would you please take these to your Uncle Zachary for me?


"Momma, I don't think that's what Uncle Zachary had in mind."

Zachary: "What the... ???"

Zachary: "Funny one, Mom. Uh, you did get me LACROSSE Balls... didn't you?"

Dog Blog Post #882

Photography Assignment

Bad Mom.

I'm guessing this wasn't the round,…

Our Daily Challenge - Nov 25, 2012 - "Orange"

balls the boys had in mind.

Daily Dog Challenge "391. Color Theme"

Mischief Monday

Tangerines instead of Lacrosses Balls?

Bag of Tangerines

Clearly mischief.

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Sue and Doug said...

"orange" you funny!!

How Sam Sees It said...

Those would be very much welcomed in our house!


houndstooth said...

The look on Zachary's face is classic, though! I love it! lol

Anonymous said...

Beautiful color scheme!

Missy@dawsondogs said...

Those look like orange balls to me. Lets play fetch.

Flea said...

Oh, you're such a bad mom!