Sunday, November 25, 2012


Zachary: "MOM!!! Could you pick us up a new bag of balls at the store today?"

(Time passes)

Henry, would you please take these to your Uncle Zachary for me?


"Momma, I don't think that's what Uncle Zachary had in mind."

Zachary: "What the... ???"

Zachary: "Funny one, Mom. Uh, you did get me LACROSSE Balls... didn't you?"

Dog Blog Post #882

Photography Assignment

Bad Mom.

I'm guessing this wasn't the round,…

Our Daily Challenge - Nov 25, 2012 - "Orange"

balls the boys had in mind.

Daily Dog Challenge "391. Color Theme"

Mischief Monday

Tangerines instead of Lacrosses Balls?

Bag of Tangerines

Clearly mischief.

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Sue B said...

"orange" you funny!!

Sam said...

Those would be very much welcomed in our house!


houndstooth said...

The look on Zachary's face is classic, though! I love it! lol

Anonymous said...

Beautiful color scheme!

Missy@dawsondogs said...

Those look like orange balls to me. Lets play fetch.

Flea said...

Oh, you're such a bad mom!