Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas Picture

Henry and Zachary

Dog Blog Post #885

Running really late tonight (dozed off on the sofa again) - if nothing better comes along tomorrow, I'll post the rest of the shots from this shoot. :)

Photography Assignment

I frequently hear folks say they have a hard time telling the boys apart, so here's a double...

Daily Dog Challenge "394. "Formal Portrait"

… that hopefully illustrates their...

Our Daily Challenge - Nov 28, 2012 - "Individual"

… traits.

On the left, we have Henry.

Physically, he's still a bit lighter in color, his coat is always a bit more rumpled, and he's noticeably larger than his Uncle in person although that rarely shows in pictures.

He's sitting back on his haunches, looking at me with a relaxed, open expression that says "I love you Momma" (or possibly "I love you Cookies" - the looks are quite similar) and not a darn thing is going to budge him from that spot unless I request it or he gets paid.

Henry's my sweet, gentle, loving boy (hence the heart pendant) whose as big a marshmallow on the inside as he appears on the outside.

Contrast that with Zachary, on the right.

Rapidly approaching 5 years old, Zachary is 2.5 years older than his nephew and has noticeable lightening on the end of his muzzle. His coat is a bit darker and much sleeker.

Although laying down, Zachary looks like he could spring to his feet at any moment if he though I might need him to do something. Anything. Zachary loves to help. You can see that eagerness in his face. Look how far forward he's pulled those ears - a sign of attention - compared to Henry's relaxed ears.

Zachary wears a bell, as he's our herald - alerting us whenever he hears something he thinks we need to know about.

He's just as loving as Henry, and even more demanding of affection.

It used to be that you could easily spot Zachary by the Treat Spot on his tongue, but as Henry is now sporting his own spot, so that is no longer the sure fire indicator it once was.

Trivia: While it doesn't show much in the pictures, Henry has very thick fur on his his ears, while Zachary's are smooth and supple. If I'm getting nuzzled by a cold nose in the middle of the night, I can instantly tell who it belongs to by feeling the ears. :)

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houndstooth said...

I really love this shot of the boys! It seems to show their personalities so well!

Sue and Doug said...

a perfect christmas photo! the boys are so houndsome in their 'finery'!

Beyond the Dog Dish said...

Do you know I study your photos a lot :) I am trying to do some indoor either speedlight on camera or off with an umbrella. Not working yet!! What I notice on your photos is how you achieve the light yet it does not look blown out. Really love how soft, bright yet warm their fur looks. Keep inspiring me.